Margarita Díaz Del Castillo is a colombian woman with great affinity with art, design and fashion. These affinities defined her and made her study Graphic Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, in Bogotá, where she graduated. After this she decided to travel and adventure to enhance her sight of the world, to Milan, Italy to study Fashion Design at the Instituto Europeo di Design. Her huge desires to know more about art and new places then took her to Argentina, where she expirienced the best adventure of her life: she learned the art of millinery and also found love. In 2012 she returned to her country and she founded her millinery fashion brand. Getting back to her country woke up the need to find her roots, to look and research about artisan techniques and materials. She found the magic ancestral cultures and unique high quality traditional crafts all around Colombia. The compilation of all these cultures and diferent artisans, and the appropiation of some of the techniques for her hat and headpiece made her rediscover the colombian history, ethnics and traditions.