Influenced by surrealist sculptors, avant-garde couturiers, and extravagant photographers, Ganor Dominic portrays the fluid link between art and fashion, blending into the life of modern women and helping them create their own fantasy.

Crafted by Italian artisans in a family-owned factory producing footwear for decades, Ganor Dominic shoes are all handmade in Italy with locally sourced materials and components.

The signature faces - whether sculptural, embossed, laser-cut, or printed - are at the heart of the brand identity, and are continuously reimagined in new patterns, shapes and colours. A strong brand philosophy merges feminine sensitivity and bold sculptural accents, adding a dramatic touch to any look.

Ganor Dominic aims to deliver natural confidence to women with an eye for detail, who are constantly seeking unconventional items which are as unique as their own path and personality.