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CLO Madrid, is a creative universe that gives physical shape to our most beautiful emotions, which reach their maximum expression when they are connected. These emotions are shaped by the creativity of the designer, the know-how of the artisan, the passion of the artist and by the sensitivity of those who chose to incorporate CLO into their world, attracted by its beauty, philosophy and values.

· Carefully handcrafted ·

Philosophy and values

CLO is a conceptual and conscious retail brand that places craftsmanship and sustainability at the heart of its values. Is a celebration of the ‘savoir faire’ of Spanish artisan trades combined with cutting-edge international artist collaborations.

The creations include elegant and timeless pieces inspired by modern cosmopolitan women who favor effortless, yet sophisticated clothes, combined with relaxed tailored shapes. CLO’s portfolio incorporates signature designs such as beautiful and versatile resort wear, as well as high-quality winter pieces made mainly in nobel materials such as silk, napa leather and linen, following sustainable processes.

CLO’s emphasis on emotion is enthused by the idea of conscious buying, focusing on quality-based lasting creations that are purchased because of an emotional connection with the piece rather than being driven by the need to consume. As part of their commitment to the Slow Fashion Movement, CLO wants to inspire women to reconsider their shopping habits to help create a more ethical fashion industry that benefits, not only the planet but also all the people behind the manufacturing, as well as our customers.

Morbi in sem

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